Wedding update, part one.

I didn’t get to my August blog. That mean’s I hope to do at least two this month.
I’ve been weddingy! My brother got married and I’ve shot a couple of my own weddings of which I’ve put a few sneak peeks on facebook. I’ve got a few more coming up and get to be bridesmaid again in five days time!
I also have the fun fact that after taking his workshop a while back, I then got the opportunity to work with Steve Gerrard as a second shooter back in July.
Today, I got to see this client’s slideshow, and was reminded of a) what a lovely couple we worked with and b) why is it that wedding’s need great photographers; to create beautiful and genuine photos to give beautiful, happy memories. 
To see more of Steve’s work, click here.
To see more of mine, get round the rest of this site.

Wedding Workshop with Steve Gerrard.

I promised myself a blog post at least once a month now. I thought I’d take my lead from my last post and tell you all about my day with Steve Gerrard and 10 or so photographers hoping to steal all his secrets.

I’ve been following Steve’s work for a couple of years after he photographed a friend’s band; not only is he tip top at lovey-dovey stuff, he’s big in the music scene. This guy loves what he does. And he does it so simply, but the results are unarguably exciting and genuine.
After day of talking about his life, (using the adorableness of his kids to help him get work) and his creative process (go to Toys R Us/get colours down before you ‘black and white’ it), we got to have a little practice out in the real world with Al and Kerrie. Kerrie also got to wear a corker of a dress borrowed from The Couture Company. For myself it was also an opportunity to have a practice with my new camera and lens having just upgraded a bit of kit. So here are some of my shots from the day and soon I’ll have some shots to show off all my new skills.


So, I’ve had a little break from shooting anything weddingy over the past few months. Untill now. I’m attempting to throw myself back into it and hopefully be bigger and better.

I haven’t always been the most willing of wedding photographers, mainly the nerves of ‘what if’s’ on the day. But at the end of it, there’s always something lovely and wonderful about knowing that I’ve captured an historic and romantic occasion in someone’s life, something they can relive again and again. So, to start with I’ve got some of my shoots own lined up, and this weekend I was second shooting with Simon of Simon Brettell Photography.

I am also going on an exciting workshop today with Steve Gerrard (definitely not the footballer) to teach me how to banish those nerves and get amazing shots!

Not only that, I have two very special personal weddings to attend, though my camera will be coming too. There will be crying and shape pulling galore!

Here’s a quick edit from Saturday.

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