So, I’ve had a little break from shooting anything weddingy over the past few months. Untill now. I’m attempting to throw myself back into it and hopefully be bigger and better.

I haven’t always been the most willing of wedding photographers, mainly the nerves of ‘what if’s’ on the day. But at the end of it, there’s always something lovely and wonderful about knowing that I’ve captured an historic and romantic occasion in someone’s life, something they can relive again and again. So, to start with I’ve got some of my shoots own lined up, and this weekend I was second shooting with Simon of Simon Brettell Photography.

I am also going on an exciting workshop today with Steve Gerrard (definitely not the footballer) to teach me how to banish those nerves and get amazing shots!

Not only that, I have two very special personal weddings to attend, though my camera will be coming too. There will be crying and shape pulling galore!

Here’s a quick edit from Saturday.

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