Wedding update, part one.

I didn’t get to my August blog. That mean’s I hope to do at least two this month.
I’ve been weddingy! My brother got married and I’ve shot a couple of my own weddings of which I’ve put a few sneak peeks on facebook. I’ve got a few more coming up and get to be bridesmaid again in five days time!
I also have the fun fact that after taking his workshop a while back, I then got the opportunity to work with Steve Gerrard as a second shooter back in July.
Today, I got to see this client’s slideshow, and was reminded of a) what a lovely couple we worked with and b) why is it that wedding’s need great photographers; to create beautiful and genuine photos to give beautiful, happy memories. 
To see more of Steve’s work, click here.
To see more of mine, get round the rest of this site.

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